All In Timetable

Campaign Timeline

  • Sunday 18th SeptemberCourageous Heart

    Week 1 - Courageous Heart Nehemiah’s heart for God drove him to question the purposes of God even from a place of personal comfort. God's plan is greater than our comfort. Nehemiah. 1:1-3
  • Sunday 25th SeptemberCourageous Prayer

    Week 2 - Courageous Prayer Before taking action Nehemiah’s took time out in prayer and fasting to prepare his heart and discover the heart of God. Nehemiah. 1:4-11
  • Sunday 2nd OctoberCourageous Action

    Week 3 - Courageous Action Nehemiah was prepared to risk his life for the purposes of God. For him action followed prayer. Nehemiah. 2:1-8
  • Sunday 9th OctoberCourageous Vision

    Week 4 - Courageous Vision Nehemiah was confronted with an almost impossible task but he had a vision that focused not on the obstacles but the possibilities that existed through God’s power. Nehemiah. 2:9-20
  • Sunday 16th OctoberCourageous Unity

    Week 5 - Courageous Unity Nehemiah was no one man band. He knew that the task at hand needed an army of individuals working in harmony to achieve the impossible. Nehemiah. 3:1-32
  • Sunday 23rd OctoberCourageous Leadership

    Week 6 - Courageous Leadership When God is it work opposition is never far away. Nehemiah had to show courage in the face of ridicule, attack and discouragement in leading God’s people into God’s promises. Nehemiah. 4 - 6